February 22, 2012

I remember my first ever time in Camden’s Roundhouse when it re-opened after refurbishment in 2006. I went to see the Chemical Brothers and just ten minutes before they were due on stage the fire alarms went off after someone smoked a joint in the toilets. The venue disgorged onto Chalk Farm Road and hundreds of middle-aged ravers blocked the traffic as, one-by-one, they all came rocketing up on their pills.

You should have seen the commotion when the fire engines turned up. A crowd flocked round them roaring, undulating in ecstatic waves in time with the sirens, with everyone trying to get closer to the lights. The poor firemen were hugged by about 50 people each between the tenders and the door to the venue.

“I love you fireman!” I heard one saucer-eyed al fresco raver yell in appreciation.


Menk, by John Doran - Ring the Alarm and not a Sound Is Dying | VICE

Anecdote of the week by some stretch.

(via treblekicker)

(via treblekicker)

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